* Look for “(video available!)” after the seminar title for the available seminars. More coming soon!

Developing a Culture of Evangelism (video available!)
Presenter: Dr. Joel Nordtvedt

Developing a Culture of Outreach Impacting our Community (video available!)
Presenter: Mary Thompson

Hope Can Grow Where Flowers Can’t (video available by request)
Presenter: Amanda Brumfield

Hope for All Times 
Presenter: Jean Wilsdon

Hopeful Signs: New Trends in Ministry to Women (video available!) 
Presenter: Ruth Vallevik

Infant Baptism (video available!) 
Presenter: Dr. David Veum

What About Those Giants? (LBIM’s mission in Chad) (video available!) 
Presenter: Missionary Dan (last name removed for online privacy)

Let’s Sing what We Believe (video available!) 
Presenter: Patrick and Karla Thurmer

Questions your Youth are asking about Homosexuality (video not recorded by request)
Presenter: Dr. Kirk Militzer

Radiating Hope (video available!) 
Presenter: Jan Schubert and Edie Opadahl

Role of Women in Ministry (video not recorded, Q&A discussion)
Presenter: Q&A Session Role of Women in Ministry Draft Resource Paper

Servant Teams Re-Imagined (video not recorded)
Presenter: Daniel Stenberg

Stewardship–from a Biblical Standpoint (video not recorded)
Presenter: Roy Heggland

Your Body–His Temple (video available!)
Presenter: Dr. Susan Wasson

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Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Lay Leadership Training – Responding to the Lord of the Harvest
(videos available through the links below) 

  • Dr. David Veum will address the Lord’s Mission: responding as a synod / fellowship of congregations.
  • Dr. Gaylan Mathiesen will speak on the Congregation’s Mission: responding as local congregations.
  • Rev. Mark Erickson will speak on making every effort: responding as God’s stewards and leadership teams in local congregations.
  • Dr. David Veum, Dr. Gaylan Mathiesen, and Rev. Mark Erickson are professors at Lutheran Brethren Seminary.

Watch the sessions online (not available for download yet)


Ministers of the Gospel continuing education – Finding Joy Along the Journey

Keynote speaker, Rev. H.B. London, who has served 31 years in pastoral ministry and 20 years as vice president of Focus on the Family will teach and encourage ministers of the Gospel in Finding Joy Along the Journey. Rev. H.B. London now runs a non-profit ministry called H.B. London Ministries in LaQuinta, CA.

Women’s Event – Hope for the Journey

Keynote speaker, Rhea Briscoe, is nationally known as a retreat and conference speaker. Rhea writes and leads Bible Studies through Snowdrop Ministries. Rhea attended the 2007 CLB convention in Marysville, Washington as the Women’s Ministries keynote speaker, and God used her powerful biblical messages to impact those who heard. This year she’ll unpack the theme “Hope for the Journey.”

Click HERE to learn more about the Women’s Event and Women’s Ministries

Youth Ministry Training *

Tiger McLuen of Youth Leadership will be teaching on the topic of providing counseling to teenagers. We expect this to be an excellent resource to youth pastors, directors and workers as they relate to struggling students. Tiger is President of Youth Leadership and has developed Youth Ministry programs at Bethel and Luther Seminaries. He is known for educating, equipping, and encouraging youth ministers.

* Tiger McLuen did not allow us to make his session available for distribution due to copyright restrictions.